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Language is the primary source of communication. In today’s global world the importance
of English has reached its zenith. Since English is considered as global language. Speaking in
English has become the need of the hour. The medium of instruction being English, it is necessary
for every teacher to speak and let speak in English. To take this thought into further action, this
module on spoken English has been prepared.

It is not an instructional course but entirely a practice book for teachers and students
with audio-video and printed material. Teachers are at liberty to invent, innovate their ideas
during the classroom transaction. They have been given space to develop their own activities.
There is no constraint on teachers to follow only these activities. They can adopt any model of
their own, but the ultimate goal is to make the child start thinking in English and speak
confidently. The basic instinct behind the structuring of this module is to foster the English
speaking abilities in children “A positive step towards any endeavour leads to success”. The
continuum of the simple activities for developing speaking skill can be made possible only
with the efforts of you, the teachers.

We are grateful to Sri Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy, Honourable Chief Minister, Government
of Andhra Pradesh, for being our source of inspiration to carry out this extensive reform in the
education department. We extend our gratitude to Sri Botcha Satyanarayana, Hon’ble Minister
for Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh, for striving to bring qualitative spoken English
and English medium education. Our special thanks to Sri Budithi Rajsekhar IAS, Special Chief
Secretary to Government, School Education Department, Andhra Pradesh, and Sri S. Suresh
Kumar, IAS, Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Smt. Vetriselvi. K, IAS,
State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, AP and Special officer, English medium Project,
Andhra Pradesh, for their constant motivation and guidance.

We also thank our coordinators, editors, writers, and layout designers for contributing
their effort to develop this module. We invite constructive feedback from the teachers and the
parents to further refinement of this module.
Thank you.

Note to Teachers

This spoken English programme, which we are taking up in our schools, is going to be a
game changer in developing communication skills among students through simple activities
using technology. This statement is not baseless. The result of the 12-day summer camp which
was conducted at ZPHS Nidamanuru evidently proved the possibility.
The summer camp reinstated that students can easily adopt English communication skills
when they were encouraged and guided in a smart way. The trainers provided confidence
building activities. The result is remarkable.

This module gives you information and direction on how to implement this programme
in your schools. Language can be best acquired through imitation. Hence, we have provided a
lot of audio and video links, which you can suggest to your children initially listen and try to
speak in the same way. Later they can develop content on their own and speak.

➡ The objective behind this programme is to make students communicate fluently and
confidently in English. Here the students should be encouraged to speak in English even
though they are erroneous.
➡Exposing the students to English environment keeps them sure to oneself in Expression
and extempore. So they need to listen to more authentic materials as and when necessary.
➡To maintain a continuum and avoid disturbance of school routine, the students should be
engaged one hour before or after school hours.
➡Select 30 students for each teacher so as to train the students for a better Spoken English.
 Avoid compelling and encourage the talented students to come up with their efforts and
➡The teachers may follow the schedule given in this module and may make changes as per
the requirement of the students.

Day 1 Funtime : To motivate children with fun activities and encourage them to participate
actively. Present videos to strengthen their listenling skill.

Day 2 Talking Time : Pair up the students to practice the given conversation

Day 3 Circle time : Encourage students to construct sentences of their own using the structures.
Practice the questions given. Teachers can also add additional questions at their

Day 4 Sharing Time : Students prepare their own details of the given discourse or the discourse
that was given in the week schedule. Teacher should present the text with proper
pronouciation. When there is a video ling let the child listen to the discourse.

Day 5 Practice Time : Students should practice the discourse of day 4 by frequent listening.

Day 6 Presentation Time : Students should present their learnt discourse before the others.
They have to record it and send it to teacher through whats app.

➡Every selected student should be given an opportunity to express himself freely and
participate with interest.
➡The teacher can bring in lesson-related language elements (advertisements, jokes, tongue
twisters, stories, self-introduction, likes and dislikes, role plays, stories, commentaries,
etc.) to facilitate an English atmosphere.
➡Games other than those mentioned in the training module may be played as per the
available time.
➡It is advisable to refer to the use of English speaking during the assembly, in the playground,
at the lunch hour, in the market place, at home etc.
➡They should provide online support to enable the students to learn and live English.
➡The teachers should continuously monitor the students by creating a WhatsApp group
and providing them with practice materials.
➡The teachers should report the week’s progress at the end of the week to the faculty
concerned with uploaded videos and audios of the children’s performance.
➡They should show the recommended videos in the material to the students and implement
the same in the classroom.
➡This is only a model for focusing on English-speaking; teachers may add or multiply the
➡RIESI has produced videos on YouTube that teachers can use sparingly.

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