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IMPORTANT DESCISIONS ON PRIVATE UN-AIDED SCHOOLS TEACHERS: Sub: School Education — Private Un-aided schools— Minutes of the meeting
with management-Instructions to all the Regionas int Directors and
District Educational Officers in the state — Reg.

Read: 1. This Office Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-36/255/2020-COMMSE-CSE,

  1. This office Procs.Rc.No.19/139/2022-GS&GR-11- CSE,
  2. This Office Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-36/255/2020-COMM SE-CSE,
    . This office Procs.Rc.No.19/139/2022-GS&GR-2, Dt:26.06.2023.
    . This office Procs.Rc.N0.36/255/2022-GS&GR-2, Dt:14.08.2023.
    . Lr.No.17/APPUSMA, Dt:11.09.2023 of the APPUSMA
    . Representation Dt:15.09.2023 of the APPSA-1.
    . This office Lr.Rc.N0.36/255/2020-GS&Gr-11, Dt:16.10.2023.
    . Minutes of Meeting with Pvt Un-Aided Schools on 17.10.2023.
    LA Ll
    LN wn s
    The attention of the Regional Joint Directors and District Educational
    officers in the state is invited to the references 6™ to 9″ read above, the
    Commissioner of School Education has conducted a meeting with the Private
    Un-Aided Managements associations on 17.10.2023 at 4:00 PM at O/o State
    Project Director, Andhra Pradesh Vijayawada.
    The minutes of meeting and important decisions are enclosed for taking
    necessary action by the Regional Joint Directors/District Educational Officers.
    In addition to the directions as per the Minutes of Meeting, action to be taken
    on the following points also:
  3. To allow the physical challans (as application fee) which were taken on or
    before 17.10.2023. A provision to upload them in online up to 31.10.2023
    will be enabled.
  4. It has come to the notice of the undersigned that some of the Regional

Joint Directors and District Edticational Officers are accepting the manual
applications for permission/ reabgnitipn/renewal and issuing orders,
contrary to the orders issued by CSE~wat no manual application or
proposals for permission, recognition, or rénewabwould be entertained by
the Regional Joint Directors and District EducaffonalOfficers. Hence, it is
reiterated that if any instance of manual processiggsnf-applications are
reported, severe action will be taken against the RegiongMldint Directors
of School Education / District Educational Officers concerned:
. Regional Joint Directors and the District Educational OfficerssShould
adhere to the G.0.Ms.38, Dt:22.04.2023 and recognition/ renewal tosbe
given for 8 years for all fresh applications.
. It is also reported that the Regional Joint Directors and the District
Educational Officers are issuing orders for Provisional Recognition to
the Private Unaided Schools, whereas this office in reference 1% read
above has clearly instructed that there are no rules and provisions for
issuance of provisional recognition in respect of Private Un-Aided
Schools and that it isand void.
. It is also reported that the genuine problems of the teachers and staff
working in Private Un-Aided Schools even when reported to the DEOs
and RJDs are not acted upon by them.
Adherence to School Timings and Holidays as per Academic calendar
Conducting classes on holidays and Not paying salaries on public
Payment of salaries through bank accounts
Employee Provident Fund
Health Insurance
Compensation to the deceased employees
Employee termination without prior intimation
Casual leaves as per Government norms

In this regard instructions wef® ifsued to all the managements to strictly
follow all the Government instructiéns and rules as per sub rule (4) (e) of
nule 18 of G.O.Ms.1 Dt;01-01-1994 .inllfls aegard. Any violation will lead
to action including suspension/ cancellation offrecognition as per rule 11
in G.0.Ms.No.01, Dt:01.01.1994.
Therefore, the Regional Joint Directors of School Mll’aw and District
Educational Officers in the state are once again requested Jto fpllow the
guidelines issued by this office time to time without fail.
Any deviation in this regard will be viewed seriously.
Receipt of these proceedings should be acknowledged.
Encls: Minutes of the Meeting


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