School Safety and POCSO Act, 2012 – instructions and GUIDELINES

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Memo No. SS-15022/57/2022-SAMO-SSA 01/08/2022

Sub:A.P-Samagra Shiksha- Quality Education- Guidelines on School Safety and POCSO Act, 2012 – instructions to Heads of institutions of all management schools/hostels–Issued-Reg

Ref: 1. Govt.of India, POCSO Act No. 32, 19th, June, 2012,

2. D.O.Lr.No.17-1/2020-IS-11,dt.1stOctober,2021 of the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Education, DoSE & Literacy, GoI, New Delhi.

The District Educational Officers, Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha and Principals of DIETs in the state are hereby informed that the School Education Department and Samagra Shiksha is implementing POCSO Act, 2012 and School Safety Guidelines in all the schools for the better implementation of school safety and security guidelines to protect the students below 18 years of age group.

Further, all the above mentioned officers are requested to issue instructions to the HMs of all managements schools/hostels in their jurisdiction and also to give wide publicity for the school safety guidelines to save the children from sexual abuse.

The DEOs and APCs in the state are instructed to communicate the following guidelines to school HMs for protection of students as part of the school safety guidelines.

  • To orient all teachers and students regarding the school safety plan using the morning assemble platform.

  • Regular meeting with teachers and members of the school safety Committee to discuss issues related to school safety and security and decide appropriate actions.

  • Orienting teachers, parents and students on the purpose and process of conducting parent teacher meetings and its impact on al round development. According to section 19(1) and 21 of the POCSO Act 2012, teacher’s management and all employees of schools need to be made aware about the provisions of the act. Hence it is instructed to train all staff members and support staff on child protection norms and child sexual abuse prevented.

  • School Complaints Committee: there should be a committee consisting of HM/Principal, one male teacher, one female teacher, one female student and one non teaching staff member, this committee would receive and address all kinds of complaints from students.

  • Child Abuse Monitoring Committee (CAMC)- Apart from the school complaints committee, there should be child abuse monitoring committee. At least one member of the committee shall be independent persons with experience of child rights issues. CAMC

    should have tow student representatives. All incidents of child abuse shall be reported to the committee.

  • Complaint Box:

  • Each school must have a Complaint Box in one/two locations and it should be maintained in the true spirit.

  • Students shall be sensitized in making complaints on their issues, problems, bad experiences, etc.,

  • The box shall be opened fortnightly by the MEO/his nominee in the presence of PC member, Village Mahila Police, Women and Child Welfare Assistant and Village Welfare & Education Assistant and the complaints must be handled in confidentially, must be kept in sealed cover and handed over on the same day to Mandal Level Committee.

  • Mandal Level Committee consists of MRO, MPDO, SHO, Supervisor, ICDS and MEO as member convenor.

  • The Mandal Level Committee shall examine the contents of the complaints and recommend to the concerned competent authority for taking necessary suitable action within one week.

  • Action must be taken on recommendations of the Mandal Level Committee within 15 days.

  • In case of a complaint against a teacher or other staff of the school, conduct a discreet enquiry to protect the identity of the victim/complaint.

  • The log book at school level and mandal level shall be maintained separately.

  • Instructions:

  • In case, students observe tobacco/drug/related substances supply activities outside the school premise or inside the premise, they may intimate the school authorities through the complaint box.

  • Students not to hesitate to seek support from teachers/counselors/parents when required

  • Every student needs to follow the guidelines on the safety and security issued by the school principal and teachers from time to time.

  • Senior students may discuss various issues like bullying and sexual harassment with other younger students under guidance of teachers

  • There should be child safety posters, POSCO BOX details and child helpline number on display in prominent locations of the school.

  • Identifying the students with positive leadership qualities and making them part of the Anti-Bullying Task Force or the School Safety Committee to act as peer counselors and educators to develop a bullying and violence free school campus.

Hence, all the DEOs, APCs and Principles of DIETs in the State are requested to take necessary action in this matter to implement the above said guidelines and also give wide publicity.


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