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PM POSHAN (Mid Day Meal)- Procurement and supply of eggs to all schools under Jagananna Gorumudda – Certain instructions

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PM POSHAN (Mid Day Meal)
– Procurement and supply of eggs to all schools under Jagananna Gorumudda – Certain instructions 
File No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-MOM -CSE-Part(1)
Present: Sri. B.M. DIWAN MYDEEN, I.F.S.,
Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-MDM Dated.02/08/2022
Sub:- School Education Department – PM POSHAN (Mid Day Meal)
– Procurement and supply of eggs to all schools under Jagananna Gorumudda – Certain instructions – Issued – Reg.
Read: 1. Note orders dated.22.05.2022 of the Government in e-file No:
– ESE02-27021/85/2021-MDM -CSE.
2. Tender Notification with NITs 107 to 132 issued on 15.06.2022
through e-Procurement portal.
3. This office Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-MDM-CSE,
4. Minutes   of  the   Procurement  Committee   meeting   held   on
04.07.2022 at O/o.Director, MDM & SS, AP, Vijayawada.
5. Reverse  Auction  held  on 06.07.2022  through  e-Procurement portal.
6. This office Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-MDM-CSE,
7. Note   orders   of   the   Government   in   e-file   No:   ESE02-
8.  Work   orders   issued   to   suppliers   vide   Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-
27021/85/2021-MDM-CSE, dt.13.07.2022 and Agreement copies.
9. Agreement copy with the successful bidder sent through mail to concerned Districts on 21.07.2022.
10. This office Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-
In  continuation  to this  office  procs  reference 10th  cited,  all  the Regional  Joint  Directors  of  School  Education(RJDSEs)  and  the  District Educational Officers (DEOs) in the State are hereby instructed to follow the following conditions as per the Agreement made with the new suppliers for
File No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-MDM -CSE-Part(1)
supply of Eggs to all schools under their control as follows:-
1. Quality Parameters:
The Supplier should supply only good quality Eggs strictly conforming to quality specifications prescribed in the Agreement as indicated below:
1.2.1 The characteristics of Egg to be supplied shall be as follows:
a. Weight – Shall not be less than 50 grams. The heavy Eggs weight shall not
be compensated with smaller ones.
b. Shell: Clean, unbroken, practically normal.
c. Thickness of shell: At least 0.33 mm (soft shell and thin shell Eggs
will not be accepted).
d. Yolk – Outline may be defined and practically free from defects.
e. White – Clear & reasonably firm (60 to 70 Hough units)
f. Density – shall be more than that of water.
1.2.2 At the time of delivery of stocks by the Supplier(s), the stocks will be subjected  to  quality  verification  by  the  quality  control  committee  at Schools or Mandal Level or District Level.
1.2.3 In the event of supply of stocks not confirming to specifications as indicated, such stocks are liable for rejection, and will be viewed seriously besides imposing Penalty.
1.2.4 Any deviation in quality specifications are terms and conditions are noticed the said Supplier will be blacklisted from participating in further tenders of the Department besides recovery of any loss/damage sustained by the corporation in this account.
1.2.5 In case if the concerned officer of Department is not satisfied with the quality of Commodity supplied, he would arrange to draw samples in the presence of the Supplier (representative if present) and forward the same for testing and certification on demand from the Purchaser.
2. Frequency of Supply:
a. Indent will be provided by the concerned officer, specified by the 
Director, MDM & SS, AP and the supply shall be done up to Delivery 
Point (School points).
b. The  Frequency of supply of required  quantity of Items to School 
points by the Bidder(s) within 10 Days.
File No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-MOM -CSE-Part(1)
c. Delivery of Items at Schools shall be during the School working hours 
only i.e., between 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM.
d. Every  Supply  is  subject  to  acknowledgment  of  the  delivery  of 
respective quality and quantity properly affected.
e. The supplier has to inform the probable date of commencement of 
supply of Eggs from the date agreed upon in the agreement and 
complete  the  supplies  as  per the  supply  schedule  given  by the 
concerned officer.
f. Deliver/ Supply Schedule to School points are as follows:-
SI.No Period Deliver/ Supply Schedule
1 1st to 10th 25th to 30th /31st oofr  Previous month
2 11th to 20th 6thtolOth of present month
3 21st to 30th / 31st 16th to 20th of present month
3. Marking:
The colour coding (Edible ink only) shall be:
Period Color
1st to 10th Blue
11th to 20th Pink
21st to 30th / 31st Green
i. Eggs  should  be  delivered  at  School  points  should  be  duly 
weighed  in  the  presence  of the  HM/SHG  of the  concerned 
ii. The Supplier shall bring a weighing machine to the centre for 
this purpose. The School address, the details and addresses 
will be provided by the Departments.
iii.On  crates the  marking  of “JAGANANNA GORUMUDDA /JGM”
shall be done.
4. Duration and Place of Delivery:
a. The ordered quantity of Eggs as per AGMARK Specification 
should be delivered within the time fixed at the delivery points 
as per the monthly indent placed by the District Officials and
File No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-MOM -CSE-Part(1)
uninterrupted supply should be ensured at any cost.
b. To the effect of supply beyond the timeline, prior permission 
should be obtained from the concerned District authorities.
c. The concerned District Officials reserves the right to vary the 
quantity finally ordered to be purchased to the extent of 10% 
either  way  of  the  requirement  of  Eggs  indicated   in  the 
Agreement.  The  suppliers  cannot  claim  it  as  a  matter  of 
contractual obligation to vary the quantity either way.
5. Non-Performance of work:
The supplier shall perform his work as per contractual agreement. In case of non-performance as per schedule or delay in completion of work as scheduled or failed to complete in any sanctioned extended time, except in the event of Natural calamities, he/ she shall have to pay liquidated damages at the rate of 0.2%(point two percent) of contract value for each week of delay subject to maximum of 2.5% of the contract value.
6. Payment of Bills:
a.  The supplier has to feed the details of supplied quantity of Eggs in 
each delivery point in IMMS App. Accordingly, the payment will be 
made as per the report of the concerned App.
b. If, the Supplier supplied the Eggs without color Stamp with  logo, 
Rs.0.50paise per unstamped eggs will be deducted while releasing 
the payment.
c. For late/ delay supplies, 3% of penalty per each day will be imposed
on the not supplied quantity of concerned deliver point.
d. For supply of small  Eggs (violation  of Specification), 50% cost of
each Egg will be deducted for small Eggs/ deviation of specifications of Eggs at the time of payment.
e. Up to 20% penalty will  be imposed on unsupplied quantity/ Short
supplied quantity Eggs.
f. No advance payment towards costs of Eggs will  be made to the 
supplier. Payment towards the supply of Items will be made strictly 
as per the rules of the Director, MDM & SS, AP.
g. The supplier shall furnish the relevant details in original to make the 
online payment through RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement System)/ 
Core Banking / NEFT.
h. Payments  for  supply  will  be  made  only  after  supply  of ordered 
quantity  provided   reports  of  standard  Quality  on  samples  are 
received from approved Laboratories and confirmation from the field
File No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-MOM -CSE-Part(1)
i. In case of any enhancement in GST/Tax/Duty due to notification of 
the Government after the date of submission of tenders and during 
the contract period, the quantum of additional duty so levied may be 
allowed to be charged extra as a separate item without any changes 
in price structure of the Items approved under the tender.
j. The supplier should produce a letter from the concerned Authority 
(State/ Central Government) for such additional  Duty on the Item 
supplied to Bidder.
k. If the penalty is imposed three times for deviation or delayed supply, 
the supplier should be blacklisted.
I. The  supplier should  submit  vehicle  number,  driver  mobile 
number alongwith schedule plan of delivery to the concerned 
District official in advance to include the same in mobile App 
to inform the delivery point, well in advance to delivery and 
update the receipts of the Eggs in mobile apps.
m.The supplier should not sale stamped eggs to the open market. If 
noticed, the supplier will be blacklisted.
n. Supplier should submit bills on or before 4th of the every month to
the payment sanctioning authority to process bills.
o. In  case  of  supplier  enjoying  Tax  exemption  on  any  criteria  of 
turnover etc., such supplier will not be allowed to claim Duty/Tax.
7. Inspections and Tests:
a. Pre-dispatch  inspection  committees  will  inspect  the  Eggs  in  the 
godown/ Stock Point. Only after the committee approval, the Eggs 
shall be dispatched to the Schools/ Anganwadi centers.
b. The Authority shall have the right to inspect and test Eggs to confirm 
to the given set/fixed specification/ standards, designs etc., as laid in 
the  Schedule  of  the  Agreement.  The  Authority  shall  notify  the 
contractor in writing of the identity of their representatives detailed 
for these purposes.
c. The inspections and tests may be conducted at the premises of the 
supplier as well as at place (Schools) of delivery or at the place of 
Storage.   Where  the  tests   conducted   at  the   premises   of  the 
contractor, all reasonable facilities and assistance including access 
to  the  drawings  and  production  data  shall  be  furnished  to  the 
inspectors at no charge.
d. Should any inspected or tested Eggs or raw materials/other items fail
File No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-MOM -CSE-Part(1)
to confirm to their specifications, the Authority shall reject them and the contractor shall replace such items at their risk and cost/ free of cost to the Govt.
e. The Authority’s right to inspect, test and where necessary reject the 
Eggs/other items on arrival at Schools and shall in no way be limited 
or waived  by  reason  of the  items /Eggs  having  previously  been 
inspected, tested and passed by the Authority or its representative 
prior to the Eggs shipment or spare parts shipments.
Except in case of criminal negligence or willful misconduct
a. If, the Supplier supplied the Eggs without color Stamp with  logo, 
Rs.0.50paise per unstamped eggs will be deducted while releasing 
the payment.
b. For late/ delay supplies, 3% of penalty per each day will be imposed
on the not supplied quantity of concerned deliver point.
c. For supply of small Eggs (violation of Specifications), 50% cost of
each Egg will be deducted for small Eggs at the time payment.
d. Up to 20% penalty will  be imposed on unsupplied quantity/ Short
supplied / non fulfillment of Indent of Eggs.
e. If the penalty is imposed three times for deviation or delayed supply, 
the supplier should be blacklisted.
f. The supplier shall not be liable to the purchaser, whether in contract, 
tort, or otherwise, for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, 
loss  of  use,  loss  of  profits  or  interest  costs,  provided  that  this 
exclusion shall  not apply to any obligation of the supplier to pay 
liquidated damages to the purchaser.
g. The  aggregate  liability  of the supplier to the  purchaser,  whether 
under the contract, in tort or otherwise, shall be to the extent of loss 
caused to the purchaser, provided that this limitation shall not apply 
to the cost of replacing the rotten Eggs.
h. In  case  it  is  proved  that,  rotten  or bad  quality  Eggs  have  been 
supplied, the cost of the whole consignment to the particular centre 
(delivery point) will be claimed as penalty from the supplier. If it is 
proved that if any child is affected due to supply of rotten Eggs or 
bad  quality  Eggs,  action (placed  backlist for three years)  will  be 
initiated against the supplier.
9. Termination for Default:
File No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-MDM -CSE-Part(1)
a. The  Purchaser  may,  without  prejudice  to  any  other  remedy  for 
breach of contract, by written notice of default sent to the Bidder, 
terminate the contract in whole or part:
b. If the supplier fails to deliver the Item within the period(s) specified 
in  the  contract,  or within  any  extension  thereof granted  by  the 
purchaser; or
c. If the supplier fails to  perform  any other obligation(s)  under the 
contract; or
d. In  the judgment of the  supplier,  if the  supplier  has  engaged  in 
corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for or in executing the 
10. Termination for Insolvency:
The Purchaser may at any time terminate the contract by giving written  notice  to  the  supplier,  if  the  supplier  becomes  bankrupt  or
otherwise   insolvent. In  this event,   termination   will be   without
compensation  to the  supplier,  provided  that such  termination  will  not prejudice or affect any right of action or remedy which has accrued or will accrue thereafter to the Bidder.
11. Termination for Convenience:
The Purchaser by written notice sent to the supplier, may terminate the contract,  in whole or in  part, at any time for its convenience. The notice of termination shall specify that termination is for the Purchaser’s convenience, the extent to which performance of the supplier under the contract  is  terminated,  and  the  date  upon  which  such  termination becomes effective.
12.Force Majeure:
a. For purposes of this Clause “Force Majeure” means an event beyond 
the control of the Directorate and not involving the supplier fault or 
negligence and not foreseeable. Such event may include, but are not 
limited to, wars or revolutions, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine 
restrictions and freight embargoes
b. If a Force Majeure situation arises, the supplier shall promptly notify 
the Purchaser in writing of such conditions and the cause thereof. 
Unless otherwise directed by the Purchaser in writing, the supplier 
shall continue to perform its obligations under the contract as far as 
is  reasonably  practical  and  shall  seek  all  reasonable  alternative
File No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-MOM -CSE-Part(1)
means for performance not prevented by the Force Majeure.
13.Applicable Laws:
The contract agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the prevailing laws of the Government of Andhra Pradesh and Union of India.
14. Assaying:
The  supplier shall,  at  his/her own  cost,  offer the  stock from  the identified batch marked for delivery at the loading point for inspection and certification in accordance with quality parameters, as specified.
a. The Purchaser may randomly collect the samples at the depots and 
get the samples tested in any of the Lab independently. The results 
of testing will  be final and binding on the Directorate. The stocks 
which fail the test have to be taken back and replaced with new 
stock by the supplier with good quality.
b. Supplier may note that the cost of assaying will be borne by them for 
the test and such costs will be deducted while making the payment 
for supplies made.
15.Substitution & Wrong Supplies:
a. Unauthorized / Pirated substitution or materials delivered in error of wrong 
description or quality or supplied in excess quantity shall be taken back by 
the supplier at his/her own cost and risk.
b. Supply of Unauthorized or Pirated or Sub-Standard of Eggs detected at any 
date during or after supply shall be notified to the Director, MDM & SS. 
Such Items shall be replaced forthwith by the supplier at his own cost.
c. Any penalty or litigations arising out of such supplies shall be the 
responsibility of the supplier and any consequential damages shall 
be fully compensated by the supplier (s).
d. In  all  such  cases the  Purchaser reserves the  right to  invoke the 
conditions for ‘deduction of payments’ and ‘termination by default’ 
of General Conditions of Contract.
16.  Change  of  Specifications:   No  change  of specification  after the placement  of  Order  shall  be  entertained  unless  the  alternate  model offered  is  equivalent  or  higher  in  specifications  and  approval  of  the Competent Authority has been obtained in writing for such a change of model before the delivery of the product. Delivery of the alternate product without such an approval shall not be accepted.
File No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-MOM -CSE-Part(1)
Therefore, all the Regional Joint Directors of School
Education(RJDSEs) and the District Educational Officers (DEOs) in the State are hereby instructed to check quality before starting of supply of Eggs to schools, ensure Stamping of MDM on all eggs, maintain weight of the eggs and timely supplies for three times a month scrupulously. They are also instructed to impose penalties as per the above conditions mentioned in Agreement whenever found violation of tender conditions.
Further all  the  Head  Masters (HMs)  and  the  Mandal  Educational Officers(MEOs) are strictly instructed not to accept the Eggs without MDM Stamping and less than 50gm weight per egg. They are also informed that only online entries in  IMMS app/ website by concerned  HM,  MEOs and others shall be considered for bills generation for making timely payments.
In  view  of the  above,  all  the  Regional Joint  Directors  of  School Education(RJDSEs) and the District Educational Officers (DEOs) in the State concerned are hereby requested to inform the new suppliers to deliver the Eggs accordingly without any deviation of conditions as per the Agreement and make APP entries without fail.
Any  deviation  in  the  above  instructions,  the  concerned  District Educational officers will be held responsibile and hence, care to be taken in maintenance and quality Eggs supplied to the School Children.
The receipt of this order will be acknowledged.
B Mohamed Diwan Mydeen
All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the State for information.
All the District Educational Officers concerned for necessary action.
Copy to all the District Collectors in the State for information.
Copy to the Director, Women Development and Child Welfare Department, AP for information.
Copy to the concerned (new) EGG Suppliers through DEOs concerned.
File No.ESE02-27021/85/2021-MOM -CSE-Part(1)
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