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AP STUDENTS SUMMER VACATION ACTIVITIES 2023-24:Summer vacation Activities for the
academic year 2023-24 – Instructions – Issued.Rc.No.ESE02/192/2024-SCERT-A&I-CSE Dated:18/04/2024


Sub:- School Education – Summer vacation Activities for the
academic year 2023-24 – Instructions – Issued.
Read:- 1. Academic Calendar 2023-24.

  1. Procs.Rc.No.ESE02/400/2023-SCERT, Dated.25-04-2023.
  2. This ofce Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-30027/5/2022-A&I-CSE, Dated.18-
  3. This Procs.Rc.No.ESE02-30027/2/203-A&I-CSE, Dated:02.04.2024.

    All the Regional Joint Directors, District Educational Ofcers, and
    Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State are aware
    that, the academic year 2023-24 activities will be closed by 24th April
  4. As the summer vacation approaches, it is our duty to ensure that
    students utilize their time during the vacation in a constructive and
    meaningful way. In order to provide the students with opportunities for
    holistic growth and learning, it is proposed to conduct various activities
    during the summer holidays.
    Summer activities can be focused on various areas such as
    academics, sports and games, arts, vocational skills etc. These activities
    should be designed in a creative way to engage the students but also help
    them to acquire new skills and knowledge. Some indicative activities that
    can be organized are herewith provided.
    The main objective of these summer activities is to ensure that the
    students do not lose their academic momentum during the break and to
    provide them with a platform to develop their interests and hobbies. In
    addition, these activities will also help foster curiosity, creativity, and
    imagination in young minds and develop spirit of teamwork, leadership,
    discipline, life skills, values etc. among the students. The list of activities
    and guidelines prepared by the SCERT is placed at Annexure-I.
    Children need physical activity to stay healthy and happy. For this,
    all the PETs are requested to organize summer coaching camps covering
    various games and sports for students who are interested in the schools
    where there are working or in other centrally located schools where there
    is sufcient playground available to provide an opportunity for students to
    enhance their physical ftness and sporting abilities. The list of activities
    placed at Annexure-II.

Furthermore, to promote the habit of reading among students, it is
proposed to conduct “We Love Reading” competitions (WLRC) with
students, teachers, school headmasters and DIET Principals, so as to
inculcate the habit of reading and make it a lifelong habit. A google form
link is provided for submission of the activities of competitions
(https://forms.gle/73sw7jBbWM4vDrEo6). The list of activities and
competitions is placed at Annexure-III.
It is suggested to conduct these summer activities in collaboration
with various NGOs, Educational institutions and local community
organizations. These collaborations will not only provide the students with
exposure to new experiences but also help create a sense of community
All the Regional Joint Directors, District Educational Ofcers and
Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha and Principal, DIETs
are requested to issue necessary instructions to all Field Ofces and
Headmasters of Govt./ ZP / Aided Management schools to take this matter
seriously and make the necessary arrangements for conducting these
summer activities. The activities framed and planned in your districts
should be submitted to the undersigned with proper documentation.
To conduct summer activities, the participation and planning of
teachers are crucial. In this regard, the following instructions should be
disseminated to teachers:

  1. Class teachers must create Whats App groups with their students
    and parents.
  2. Teachers should ask students to maintain a notebook for summer
    activities and submit it at the time of reopening.
  3. Teachers should keep in touch with the students and and parents
    encourage them from time to time to monitor their activities.
  4. Teachers should gather students’ activities in the form of pictures,
    videos and reports through the Whats App group.
  5. All the activities done by the students during summer vacation
    should be presented at the time of re-opening ceremony of schools.
  6. Make sure to create a schedule of activities and share it with the
    students and their parents.
  7. Encourage students to read during the summer break and suggest a
    list of books that they can choose from.
  8. Conduct online classes, webinars or workshops on topics of interest
    that are relevant to the students academic and personal growth.
  9. Assign students the projects that will enhance their creativity and
    critical thinking skills.

10.Encourage physical activities such as sports, dance or yoga and
provide students with resources and guidance.
11.Provide students with opportunities to engage with their peers
through online activities or virtual events.
12.Keep in touch with the students and their parents through regular
communication and feedback.
13.Finally, collect students’ work and share it with their parents.
Showcase it on the school’s website or social media handles to
acknowledge and celebrate their eforts.
As emphasized in the opening paras, the above activities are
indicative in nature and the teachers are free to adopt the above activities
or any other activities that can fulfll the objectives indicated. All teachers
and supervisory ofcers in school education department are encouraged
to design creative and meaningful summer activities for the students and
implement them in the spirit of holistic development of the children. Let
us all work together to make this summer vacation a memorable
experience for our students.
Encls: Annexures-I, II & III.



  • Class teachers have to create Whats app groups with their class
  • Ask them to maintain a notebook for summer activities and submit
    at the time of reopening.
  • Keep in touch with the students and encourage them from time to
    time to monitor their activities.
  • Gather students activities in the form of pics/videos/reports through
    Whats app group
  • Music, Dance and Drama: Select a music/dance/drama of their
    own culture or local tradition where a group of people
    (Peer/siblings/other family members) come together to develop the
    child’s aesthetic sense. Example: Folk or traditional songs/dance can
    be recorded from their area using some musical instruments
    involving their siblings, friends and family members.

Safety Tips: • Accompany with your parents/elders whenever you visit new
places. • Take proper precautions like drinking more water, wearing
cotton clothes, avoiding junk food, soft drinks etc. • You should get your parent’s permission while using the
internet to collect information. • Avoid going out in the hot sun especially during peak hours. • Eat light meals and fruits rich in water content like water
melons, cucumber, citrus fruits etc. • Drink sufficient water in frequent intervals and carry drinking
water while travelling. • Parents should not allow the children to ride bikes or motor
vehicles alone. • Keep animals in shade and give them sufficient water to
drink. Follow proper health tips/rules in view of summer
season. • Children must be accompanied by parents or elders while
going near Tanks, Wells and other water sources. • Stay away from fire and electricity. • Stay at home while thunderstorms or lightening. • While using social media websites and apps don’t chat with
unknown people. If any such calls you receive, inform your
parents or elders. • Avoid clicking on unknown links in the mobile phones. • Protect yourself from insects, snakes and other poisonous

Summer Coaching Camp: Games and Sports
It is imperative to focus on sports and physical activities to
promote students holistic development. The following activities are
proposed for implementation during the summer holidays in High
schools. This programme will be scheduled from 01-05-2024 to 10-

  1. Summer Sports Camps: Organize sports camps focusing on
    various disciplines such as Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Handball, Throw ball,
    Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Cricket, etc., to provide
    students with opportunities for skill development and friendly
  2. Fitness Challenges: Introduce fitness challenges and activities
    like Athletics, Rope Skipping, Jogging, Cycling to promote physical
    fitness and overall well-being among students.
  3. Yoga and meditation: Incorporate yoga sessions focusing on
    physical postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama)
    and meditation techniques to cultivate flexibility, strength,
    relaxation and mental well- being.
  4. Sports Equipment: Ensure the utilization of Sports Equipment
    provided by the Samagra Shiksha Andhra Pradesh 2023-2024 to
    facilitate effective training and engagement in sports activities.
  5. Recreational Activities: Provide opportunities for recreational
    sports and games such as Badminton, Table Tennis, Frisbee, Chess
    and Caroms allowing students to enjoy leisurely activities in a
    relaxed environment.
    Timings: Morning Session: 06:00 AM to 08:00 AM Evening
    Session: 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM
    The concerned Regional Inspector of Physical Education
    shall monitor entire summer coaching camp. The Secretary, SGF is
    requested to take necessary action for smooth conduct of the

We Love Reading – Detailed Action Plan

We Love Reading Programme (WLRP) aims to transform all
students from non–readers to fluent readers with complete
comprehension by encouraging them to read library books
during the summer vacation. The said programme will be
scheduled from 01-05-2024 to 10-06-2024.
All the students are informed to bring books from the school
library to read those books during summer holidays, after reading
the books they may be exchanged those books with their friends.
Detailed Action plan guidelines, list of activities and
competitions are given below for the effective conduct of the We
Love Reading program:
● All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and
District Educational Officers should instruct all the Deputy
Educational Officers and Mandal Education Officers to conduct
meetings with Headmasters of all schools in their respective
Divisions and Mandals to discuss the implementation of ‘We
Love Reading’ summer activities.
● The Mandal Educational Officers have to come up with
innovative strategies for implementation of the program in
their respective Mandals.
● The Headmasters shall conduct a meeting with staff
members and prepare a clear Action Plan by utilizing the
library resources available in the school.
● Teachers shall adopt students equally and create WhattsApp
groups with the adopted students
● Divide library books class-wise and display the books in the
● Distribute five to ten books to each student based on their
reading ability. Maintain a book distribution register.
● Encourage students to read library books during summer
holidays, even during holiday trips.
● Ask students to read the stories aloud for their parents and

The Whats App group lead teacher shall post a story daily
in the group and encourage students to read the story,
comment and share their own stories.
● Ask the students to exchange story books from their
● Ask students to visit nearby public library and get books
from the library to read at their homes.
While reading library books students may perform the
following activities.

  1. Me and my book: After reading the book, everyone has to write
    their opinion on that book. Like own ideas and feelings about the
    characters, situations, pictures regarding the book.
  2. Books in the Shelf: Visit Friends and relatives houses. Try to
    list out the names of the books found with their friends and
    relatives. Discuss on those books and note down the significance.
  3. Picture Gallery: Collect old newspapers/magazines and cut pictures which are most likable. Paste those pictures in a notebook.
    It is the picture gallery.
  4. The Stories of My Friends: Form a group with their
    friends/classmates. Discus the stories read, then write those stories on their own words in a notebook.
  5. My Story Bank: Collect stories from the news papers or
    magazines. Cut those pages and paste it in a notebook. This will
    become their story bank.
  6. Picture Story: Select any pictures from the newspapers or
    magazines and write a story based on picture.
  7. My Book: Make their own book with their writings and
    drawings, display the book on the reopening day performing
  8. Reading together: Select the book of their own interest
    where a group of people sit together (peer/ family
    members/siblings) and read a story which helps in discussion,
    that could lead to new idea, imagination and create their own
    story out of the characters. After the school reopens, they can
    bring their stories and their reading together activity can be
    shared in the Whats App group.
    We Love Reading summer competition will be conducted for
    students in three levels.

Level 1:
Class 3 to Class 5 students are eligible for this competition.
Story Reading Competition: Student of this level may select any
story. Read, record it with their mobile phones and upload the story
video in the provided google form link.
Level 2:
Class 6 to Class 8 students are eligible for these competitions
Story Reading Competition: Same instructions apply as
mentioned in Level 1
Story Writing Competition: Students of this level may write
any story on their own and upload the scanned copy or soft copy of
the story in the provided google form link.
Level 3:
Class 9 to Class 12 students and D.Ed. students are eligible for
these competitions.
Story Writing Competition: Follow the same instructions as
mentioned in the Level 2 Story Writing Competition.
Review Writing Competition: Students may write a review on
a story or book they have read and upload review report to in
the provided google form link.
My Personal Library- Selfie Competition: Students
studying Classes 9 to 12 are eligible for this competition. They
are to list out the books that they have in their home for reading,
take a selfie with their personal library and upload in the
provided google form link.
Drawing Competition: Students studying Classes 3 to 12 are
eligible for drawing competitions. Drawings should be on the A4
size drawing paper and upload the image in the provided google
form link.
Competitions for Teachers and Teacher Educators:
All the teachers working in Primary, Upper Primary and High School
as well as teacher educators working in DIETs are eligible for this
Book Review Competition: Select any education related
classic literature book, write a review report on it and upload the
soft copy of the review report in the provided google form link.

The Director, SCERT will conduct online orientation for the
Teachers, Headmasters and other Stake Holders to create
awareness for the effective conduct of We Love Reading summer
program. He is requested to ensure smooth conduct of the








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