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AP School Head Complex Meetings 2023-24 Schedule and Guidelines

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AP School Head Complex Meetings 2023-24 Schedule and Guidelines:Samagra Shiksha, AP – Quality Initiatives – Communication of schedule to the DEOs in the State for conducting School Head Complex Meetings – Instructions issued – Regarding.  Rc.No.SS-15024/4/2023-SAMO-SSA Dt: 01/11/2023

AP School Head Complex Meetings 2023-24 Schedule and Guidelines

Ref:  This office Procgs. Rc. No. SS-15024/4/2023-SAMO-SSA, Dt:21.06.2023

All the District Educational Officers, Additional Project Coordinators of SS and Mandal Education Officers in the State are informed that, As per the recommendation of NEP 2020, every teacher and head teacher are expected to participate in at least 50 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities every year for their own professional development, driven by their own interests. So, the state has decided to conduct division/ subdivision level School Head complex training monthly.

In view of the above certain instructions issued to the districts for the effective conduct of divisional/subdivisional school heads training:

  • These meetings will be conducted every 8th of the month. In case there is Saturday/Sunday/Holiday then in between 9th – 11th of that month.
  • The meetings will be planned at division or sub-division with min 40 school complex heads.
  • The meeting should be organized by Dy.EO, if more than one meeting in the division, the senior MEO should act as organizer for the meeting.
  • All MEO-1, MEO-2, and School Complex Heads should attend School Complex Heads Training every month.
  • To identify the suitable venue at school complex only with all digital infrastructure facilities.
  • DEOs should issue instructions to DyEOs and MEOs to plan the meeting at their division/sub-division level.
  • In order to attend the School Complex Heads Training, EOs shall issue invitation along with agenda to all MEO-1, MEO-2, and school complex heads in advance.
  • RJDSE, DEOs, DIET Principals and APCs should make monitoring visits to the school heads trainings and fll the observation form which will be provided by the state office. The monitoring officers should also guide and provide job support to anchors of the training.
  • AMOs should facilitate the divisional meetings and make monitoring visits.
  • These monthly School Heads Complex Meetings will provide post-training extended support to School Heads for school leadership trainings. It is a platform for School Heads to discuss and figure out solutions to common concern areas.

The activities of the School Head Complexes are as follows:

  1. Introduction of better methods of evaluation and for regulating the promotion of children from one class to another.
  2. In-service training of heads in general and of newly recruited heads in particular.
  3. Organization of periodical meetings of heads in the School Complex for discussing the present status of their schools, concern areas, discussion forum, and demonstration of plans for their respective
  4. Creating a forum for cross – learnings and sharing the learnings with each other. In every school complex, heads must present on the trainings s/he attended, initiatives taken in his schools, or any innovative step taken by their teachers/students in the schools.
  5. Building a dedicated community of School Heads who are intrinsically motivated to support school, guide and motivate every teacher in their schools.

The DEOs, and MEO-I need to undertake regular visits and organize monthly meetings to discuss academic issues and design strategies for better school performance. Periodic inspection and supervision of schools to observe the infrastructure and facilities and the administrative aspects is critical.

Therefore, the District Educational Officers, Additional Project Coordinators of SS and MEOs in the state are instructed to conduct the School Head Complex meetings as per the above schedule and any deviation in the matter viewed seriously.

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