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Notification No.: 01 / APSACS / DM&HO / KDP / 2022, Dated: 21.08.2022

Recruitment of various category of posts in Basic Service Division (BSD), Care support & Treatment (CST) and Blood Transfusion Services (BTS) of erstwhile YSR District under the control of the A.P. State AIDS Control Society (APSACS) on Contract basis.

ఉమ్మడి వైఎస్‌ఆర్‌ జిల్లాలో ఏపీ స్టేట్ ఎయిడ్స్ కంట్రోల్ సొసైటీ(ఏపీసాక్స్‌) నియంత్రణలో ఉన్న ఐసీటీసీ, ఏఆర్‌టీ, బ్లడ్ బ్యాంకుల్లో ఒప్పంద ప్రాతిపదికన వివిధ కేటగిరీ పోస్టుల భర్తీకి కడపలోని జిల్లా వైద్యాఆరోగ్య అధికారి కార్యాలయం దరఖాస్తులు కోరుతోంది.

పోస్ట్ పేరు:

1. మెడికల్ ఆఫీసర్: 01 పోస్టు

2. ఐసీటీసీ/ ఏఆర్‌టీ కౌన్సెలర్: 03 పోస్టులు

3. ఐసీటీసీ/ బ్లడ్ బ్యాంకు ల్యాబ్ టెక్నీషియన్: 06 పోస్టులు

4. స్టాఫ్ నర్సు: 05 పోస్టులు

5. ఫార్మాసిస్ట్: 01 పోస్టు

మొత్తం ఖాళీల సంఖ్య: 16

అర్హత: ఎంబీబీఎస్‌, పీజీ, బీఎస్సీ నర్సింగ్, డిప్లొమా ఉత్తీర్ణత.

వయోపరిమితి: 42 సంవత్సరాలు మించకూడదు.

ఎంపిక విధానం: అర్హత పరీక్షలో సాధించిన మార్కులు, పని అనుభవం, రూల్ ఆఫ్‌ రిజర్వేషన్ ఆధారంగా.

దరఖాస్తు ప్రక్రియ: ఆఫ్‌లైన్‌ దరఖాస్తులు, సంబంధిత ధ్రువపత్రాల నకళ్లను ఏడీఎం & హెచ్‌వో కార్యాలయం, రెండో అంతస్తు, డీఎంహెచ్‌వో బిల్డింగ్, అక్కయ్యపల్లి, కడప, వైఎస్ఆర్ జిల్లా చిరునామాలో అందజేయాలి. 

దరఖాస్తులకు చివరి తేదీ: 29-08-2022. 

Recruitment of various category of posts in Basic Service Division (BSD), Care support & Treatment (CST) and Blood Transfusion Services (BTS) of erstwhile YSR District under the control of the A.P. State AIDS Control Society (APSACS) on Contract basis.

  1. Rc. No.: 419 / APSACS / 2022, dated: 04.08.2022 of theProject Director, A.P. State AIDS Control Society, Gollapudi, Vijayawada.

  2. ToR of Basic Service Division, Care Support & Treatment Division, Blood Transfusion Services Division.

  3. OM / File No. A-11011/12/2022 – NACO (HR), dated:03.08.2022 of the GOI, MH&FW, NACO.

  4. G.O RT No. 211 dated :08.05.2021

**** **** ****

  1. Applications are invited from eligible and qualified candidates for recruitment of various category posts in ICTC / ART / Blood Banks of erstwhile YSR District under the control of the A.P. State AIDS Control Society (APSACS) on Contract basis. Initially for a period of one year.




    Name of the Post

    No. of Vacancies

    Mode of Recruitment

    Recruitin g Agency

    Remunerat ion





    Medical Officer









    (ICTC / ART)








    Lab Technician

    (ICTC / Blood Bank)








    Staff Nurse



















    1. Proforma of application will be available on the portal https://kadapa.ap.gov.in from 10:00 AM on 23/08/2022 to 05:30 PM on 29/08/2022.

    2. Last Date for submission of physical applications is 05:30PM on 29-08-2022. Filled in applications shall be submitted in the specified counters in O/o ADM&HO (A, L & TB),2nd Floor, DM&HO

      Building, Akkayapalli, Kadapa, YSR District of the erstwhile district. Candidates are advised to apply as soon as possible without waiting till last date to avoid last hour rush.

    3. District Jurisdiction for this recruitment is erstwhile YSR District only and the vacancies at health facilities in these district boundaries shall be considered to be filled. Hence candidates shall apply to the respective erstwhile districts only.

    4. The Merit List of this notification is valid for one year for the purpose of filling up of arising vacancies if any.

      The Merit List of this notification is valid till 31st August 2023, for the purpose of filling up of arising vacancies as per requirement of the Department.

      Filled in Applications for the above posts are to be submitted at the Office of the ADM&HO (A, L & TB), 2nd Floor, DM&HO Building, Akkayapalli, Kadapa, YSR District on or before 29-08-2022 by 5.30 P.M.

  2. Educational (Academic, Professional, Technical) qualifications, natureof appointment ToR and remuneration to various posts:

    The candidate should possess prescribed academic/technical/professional qualifications for the post they are applying for as on the date of this notification (which will be taken for reckoning weightage for contract / outsource/ honorarium service and for waiting period weightage after completion of academic / technical / professional qualifications as applicable).




    Eligibility criteria



    Medical Officer at ART Center

    OC – W

    Essentially be an MBBS trained by NACO at one of the NACO designated training centers.

    Must be registered at A.P. Medical Council with time to time renewals

    assigned by ART Center in – charge pertaining to ART services.





    Roster Points OC-W

    SC-W OC-G

    Essential Qualification & Experience:

    Post Graduate degree / Diploma in psychology / Social work/ sociology/Anthropology / Human Development / Nursing; with minimum 1

    year experience after PG degree / diploma, of

    Ensure that each client is provided pre-test information / counseling, pot-test counseling and follow-up counseling in a friendly atmosphere. Be available in ICTC as per the specified timings. Ensure that strict confidentiality is maintained. Ensure that all IEC materials such as posters, etc., are displayed prominently in the ICTC. Ensure that

    communication aids in form of flip books and

    1. He/ She has to work under the guidance and supervision of the SMO / Nodal Officer

    2. He/ She should examine the patients, advice required investigations, including CD4 count, review the investigations and prescribe the treatment of tuberculosis, treatment of STIs and prophylaxis and / or treatment of opportunistic infections)

    3. Refer the cases to the Senior Medical Office, Nodal Officer or any other specialist for further expert opinion and interventions including admission and inpatient care, if required

    4. He / She must also coordinate with the CCCs and LACs attached to the ART center, Ensure drug adherence and counsel the patient towards safe sex, condom usage, proper nutrition and positive living.

    5. Monitor the consumption and appraise the Senior Medical Officer for making necessary arrangements and check the ART Drug store and sign in the register every fortnight.

    6. He / She must update the prescribed columns in white cards and Green books and should assist Senior Medical Officer in supervising the staff at the center, record keeping and reporting.

    7. He / She must attend the Monthly coordination meetings held at the district level, ART – CCC coordination meetings, review meetings by NACO/SACS and attend training programs conducted for the Medical Officers, Whenever deputed

    8. He /She has to ensure that all the guidelines for running and maintaining the ART center are abided by

    9. In case SMO is not there, he / She is the focal point for EID for HIV exposed babies found “reactive” using DBS at ICTC and referred to the ART centre.

    10. Besides all the above, any other duty

    1. Preventive and health education

    working in field of counseling in health sector; preferably in HIV/AIDS.


    Graduate in Psychology / Social Work / Sociology / Anthropology / Human Development / Nursing; with minimum 3 years’ experience after graduation of working in field of counseling in health sector; preferably in HIV/AIDS.

    In case of those recruited from the community of people infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS, the experience will be relaxed to minimum of one year of experience in the field of HIV/AIDS.

    Other expertise required

    1. Working knowledge of computer

    condom demonstration models, fliers, etc., are available in the ICTC.

    Provide psychological support to help HIV-positive clients cope with HIV/AIDS and its consequences.

    Ensure that the extended family of the HIV-Positive client is sensitized on how to deal with HIV-Positive members of the family.

    Conduct weekly visits after obtaining consent, to the homes of HIV-Positive clients facing severe crisis.

    Maintain effective coordination with the RCH and TB programmes as well as with the antiretroviral therapy (ART) programme, and visit key persons in the facilities run by these programmes once in a loss of clients during referrals.

    Report to the ICTC manager on the adequacy of stock of condoms and prophylactic Nevirapinetablets and syrups available in the ICTC as well as in the facility.

    Maintain counseling records and registers, and prepare monthly reports which are to be sent to the SACS.

    Facilitate the establishment of linkages and referrals to the ICTC from within and outside

    health-care settings.







    Qualified and competent PLHIV will be given preference

    i) Pre ART or treatment preparedness exercises encourage and help in finding guardian Support.

    1. Psychology support

    2. Referrals and linkages

    3. Supply and logistics

    4. Monitoring

    1. Master degree in Social Work (Preferably specialized in medical & psychiatric Social work/ Psychology).

    2. Candidates with degree in sociology may be considered

    3. A qualified graduate nurse can be appointed as Counsellor but he / she undergo 12 days counselor training at NACO designated institute. NOTE

    1. He /She has to work under the guidance and supervision of SMO/MO/ Nodal Officer

    2. He /She must assess / Assist the staff nurse in triaging the new patients eligible or Pre-ART registration and refer other to the nearest ICTC for confirming HIV status.

    3. Complete the Pre-ART registration (HIV Care) register, white cards and green books) on first visit of PLHIV and provide adherence counseling

    4. Counsellor to maintain the HIV exposed / infant child register

    5. Provide necessary counseling on subsequent visits to the “Pre ART” patients and adherence counseling to “On ART” patients and adherence counseling to “On ART” patients

    6. Referral and linkages with other community based organizations, rehabilitation centers and various support groups

    7. Address issues related to ARV treatment:

    ART Enrollment register: (fill in prescribed columns)



    ICTC Lab


    Essential Qualification & Experience:

    Graduate in Medial Laboratory Technology (B.Sc); with minimum 1

    year experience after

    and rapid HIV diagnostic kits are available in the ICTC.

    1. Explain the details of treatment and its importance, including side effects of ARV drugs

    2. Adherence counelling and monitoring, identification or barriers to adherence and suggestions to remove these barriers.

    3. Pill counting for PLHIV on ART and assess adherence

    1. Provide emotional, social, and psychological support to patients and / or direct them to the concerned person or organization that can do so

    2. Explain to the patients, care givers, guardians and other family members about palliative and home-based care, hygiene and nutrition

    3. Counsels patients on positive living, prevention proper condom usage; and dispense condoms

    4. Complete the required sections in the recording and reporting tools maintained by the ART center

    5. Counsellors must ensure all the registers are filled appropriately and updated

    6. Collect and update address of PLHIV

    7. Counselling of Pre ART patients is to be given by Counsellor after proper counseling

    8. Follow up for testing of spouse and children of the PLHIV

    9. Contact the MIS/LFU cases through telephone and outreach workers and bring them back to ART center for drug collection.

    10. Attend ICTC Counsellor monthly meeting for feedback on ICTC-ART referral and LFU cases

    11. Provide counseling on family planning and breast feeding, particularly for pregnant women coming for PPTCT. The counselor should ensure appropriate advise and counseling to link the pregnant women to appropriate services including ANC and post natal services, immunization and EID for infant

    12. In case of CoE’s and ART Plus centers the counselors shall do the counseling of patients referred to the SACEP on rotatory basis

    13. Besides all the above, any other responsibilities / instructions related to the programme given by the supervisors need to be discharged / followed from time to time.

    1. Undertake HIV testing according to standard laboratory procedure.

    2. Keep the facility neat and clean at all times.

    3. Ensure that adequate stock of consumables

    Roster Points OC-W


    PHC – VH – W

    graduation. OR

    Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT); with minimum 2 years’ experience after diploma. The services of existing LTs who do not hold a DMLT may be continued if they have done a certificate course in Medical Laboratory Technology and have more than 5 years’ experience of working in the ICTC / PPTCT / ART

    center run under the

    National AIDS Control Programme.

    Other expertise required:

    1. Working knowledge of computers.

    Must be registered at A.P. Para Medical Board with time to time renewals.



    Blood Bank Lab Technician

    Must be registered at A.P Para Medical Board with time to time renewals

    Work experience in the testing of Blood and its components must for Blood Bank LT

    Working at the blood bank, blood collection, processing, storing in optimum conditions, cross matching. Issuing blood being an emergency services working hours may be 8-10 hours of duty.

    Blood Bank technicians, also call phlebotomy technicians, work in lab under the guidance of a medical officer label and prepare blood plasma and other components for transfusions.

    Properly store bloods draws and maintain documentation and records. Technicians work with patients, making them comfortable during the procedure and monitoring viral signs technicians also need to be thoroughly versed in D&C(I) regulations.

    1. Keep a record of HIV Test results as well as a stock of rapid HIV diagnostics kits and consumables.

    2. Endure the maintenance of all laboratory equipment.

    3. Scrupulously follow internal and external quality assurance procedures.

    4. Follow universal safety precautions and strictly adhere to hospital waste management guidelines.

    1. To receive blood samples for grouping and cross matching along with requisition forms, wards, PT / Labour room and others.

    2. To perform emergency duty on rotational basis.

    3. To perform grouping of all donors (Voluntary), bleeding of donors, labeling, documents storing and issuing blood.

    4. Grouping and cross matching of all blood samples for routine and emergency demand from ward / operation theater etc., and issuing matched blood as and when required.

    5. Doing RH Factor and coomb’s test wherever

    required and to maintain the record in the register.

    performing his duties.


    Staff Nurse

    Roster Points OC-W



    BSc. Nursing / GNM OR

    ANM with min 3years of experience

    Must be registered at A.P. Nurses, Midwives ANMS council

    Role of nurses at the ART center in HIV-TB coordination:

    line list. Coordinate with STS to ensure completion of the line list

    1. To issue infusion sets to all the depts… of hospital as demand.

    2. To Supervise laboratory attendant in

    1. ART Staff Nurse

    2. LAC+

    1. Perform baseline assessment of the patient including pulse, BP, Weight, height, etc.,

    2. Assess the physical, social and psychological needs of the patient.

    3. provide need based nursing care an support to the patients

    4. Focal point for all issues related to pregnant positive women and HIV exposed child and early infant Diagnosis (EID) incase counselor not there

    5. Maintain the daily OI summary sheet, compile it on monthly basis and give it to the data manager

    6. Coordinating and tracking the referrals made within the hospital by establishing linkages with various departments and in-patient wards

    7. Streamlining and guiding patients at the ART center and helping in the efficient and orderly functioning of the center

    8. Assist in record keeping and maintenance of patient documents as and when required

    9. Counselling of patients as and when required

    10. Collecting of blood samples for CD4 testing and arrange / perform its transportation to the linked

    11. Provide reports to the doctor and other members of the ART center multidisciplinary team ensure implantation of the UWP and proper waste disposal at the center

    12. To monitor and ensure the implementation of various infection control measures

      1. Do regular screening of the patients for symptoms of pulmonary / extra pulmonary TB

      2. The lab form given to the TB suspect to be stamped by the nurse with the ART center stamp to facilitate fast tracking of patient for sputum testing

      3. Reinforce cough and hand hygiene practices among the suspects / diagnosed pulmonary TB cases

      4. Keep a record of the patients referred from ART center to Designated Microscopy Center (DMC) for the diagnosis of TB with the help of

    report to SACS through ART center in-charge.




    OC – W

    Note: Must be registered

    A.P Para Medical Board with time to time renewals

    1. Attend the monthly RNTCP meeting along with the completed line list for the month to be shared with the concerned STS

    2. Maintain the TB/HIV register at the ART center ensuring timeliness, accuracy and completeness

    3. Prepare and submit the monthly TB/HIV

    1. Degree in pharmacy from a recognize institute OR

    2. Diploma holder in pharmacy with 3 years of experience in health care

    1. Dispense ARV and OI drugs with proper counseling

    2. Advise the patients and family about the importance and adherence during each visit

    3. Counsel the patient on possible drug toxicities and report the same, if significant

    4. Do pill count and report any adverse effect of drugs or any OIs. Also, confirm the next visit date given by the SMO/MO and inform the patient

    5. Prepare a “Daily Due” list of patients who are scheduled for their appointment and provide the list of “MIS” patients to the counselor

    6. Maintenance of the drug stores

    7. Maintain and update drug stock and drug dispensing registers regularly every day. Inform the concerned medical officer in case of any discrepancy. Duly take his signature every fortnightly in the stock register

    8. Ensure that the center has enough stock of ARV drugs for at least 3 months and inform the concerned authority about any near expiry or excess stocks well in time for relocation to other sites and ensure FEFO protocol is followed

    9. Physical verification of the drugs under the supervision of the nodal officer and the SMO

    10. Facilitate transfer / availability of ARV drugs at LAC as per the number of patients linked out to the LAC

    11. Besides all the above, any other duty assigned by ART Centre in-charge.

  3. AGE:Upper age limit is 42 years. Age will be reckoned as on 01.07.2022 as per G.O.Ms.No.105 GA (Ser-A) dept., dated.27.09.2021 with relaxations as

    applicable. Relaxations will be as follows:-

    1. For SC, ST, BC and EWS candidates: 05 (Five) years.

    2. For Ex-service Men: 03 (Three) years in addition to the length ofservice in armed forces.

    3. For differently abled persons: 10 (Ten) years.

    4. Maximum age limit is 52 years with all relaxations put together.


    1. Total Marks: 100

    2. 75% will be allocated for aggregate of marks obtained in all the years in qualifying examination or any other equivalent qualification.

    3. Up to 10 marks @ 1.0 mark per completed year after acquiring requisite Qualification as mentioned in the pass certificate. Weightage will be reckoned up date of notification as per Govt. Memo no. 4274/D1/2013, HM&FW (D1) Dept., dt.10.07.2014.

    4. Weightage up to 15% will be given to the candidates working on Contract/Outsourcing/Honorarium basis including COVID-19 service as shown below subject to their Satisfactory service certified by the competent authority, as per GO Ms No. 211, HM& FW (B2) Dept., Dt: 08.05.2021, GO Rt No.573 HM&FW (B2) dept. Dt.01.11.2021 and GO

      Rt No.07 HM&FW (B2) dept. Dt.06.01.2022. Govt.Memo.no. 3740784/B2/2020 of HM&FW (B2) Dept., dt.14.02.2022, Circular No.03/CHFW/2022, of CHFW, AP, dated.11.02.2022. If any

      individual work less than 6 monthsfor covid, the weightage shall be

      0.8 marks per completed month will be awarded.

    5. Weightage to contract employment based on working area:

      1. @ 2.5 marks per six months in Tribal Area

      2. @ 2.0 marks per six months in Rural Area

      3. @ 1.0 marks per six months in urban areas

      4. No weightage will be given for the services less than sixmonths for

        Non-COVID service.

    6. The COVID-19 weightage shall be applicable only to the persons who have rendered their services for COVID-19 on Contract/Outsourcing/ Honorarium basis and are appointed bythe District Collector or any other competent authority based on orders issued by Government from time to time and certified by the controlling officers (DMHO / DCHS/Principal ofGMC/Superintendent of GGH) to that effect.

      (Note: Certificates taken earlier are valid. If additional period of service is there, fresh certificate to that effect shall be obtained and enclosed)

    7. The candidates claiming service weightage shall submit original contract/Outsourcing/ Honorarium service certificate in the enclosed proforma issued by competent authority along with copy of appointment orders. Applications without the service certificates as prescribed above will not be considered for service weightage.

      (Note: Certificates taken earlier are valid. If additional period of service is there, fresh certificate to that effect shall be obtained and enclosed)

  5. Tenure of appointment and important conditions:

    The tenure for the contract/outsourcing posts is initially one year from the date of joining in the post and may be extended for further period as per the instructions issued by the Government from time to time. The District Selection Committee reserves all the rights to terminate the contract / outsourcing services of any candidate / candidates at any

    time with one month notice or as per directions of the Government from time to time.

  6. Self attested copies of the certificates to be enclosed to the filled in application:

    1. SSC or its equivalent (for date of birth).

    2. Pass certificates of qualifications prescribed for the posts concerned.

    3. Proof of appearance for the qualifying examination where ever applicable.

    4. Marks memos of all years of qualifying examination or its equivalent. In the absence of marks memos, marks will be calculated as per rules in force.

    5. Valid certificate of registration in A.P.Para Medical Board/ Allied Health Care sciences / any other council constituted under the relevant rules for specific courses where ever applicable.

    6. Study Certificates from class IV to X from the school where the candidate studied. In case of private study local candidature certificate for that particular 7 years period preceding to the year of passing X class from competent authority in Form Appendix I certificate of residence prescribed vide Sub clause (ii) of clause (a) of para 7 of the Presidential Order (proforma is herewith enclosed). Candidates migrated from Telangana shall submit certificate of Local candidature as per GO No 132 & 133 dt: 13.06.2017. In the absence of the suitable certificate, the candidate will be considered as non local and further action will be as per rules in force.

    7. Copy of valid caste certificate. In case of non submission of valid caste certificate, the candidate will be considered as OC.

    8. Latest EWS (Economically weaker sections) certificate issued bythe competent authority in case of the EWS categories.

    9. Certificate of disability issued in SADAREM.

    10. Service certificate from the controlling officer concerned (DM&HO/DCHS/ Principals of GMCs / Superintendent of GGH / Any competent authority who appointed the applicant) for claiming weightage for Contract/outsourcing/honorary service, in the absence of which the candidate will not be given service weightage (proforma is herewith enclosed).

    11. Any other certificates as relevant and applicable.

    12. Qualified and competent PLHIV will be given preference should submit the proof of documents.

    13. Blood Bank Experience Certificate certified by the Concerns District Authorities respective district whether the Blood Bank Licensed or Not.

Note:- Candidates must submit clear, visible documents (a to m of para. 5), failing which application will be summarily rejected. Applications without the above documents will be summarily rejected.